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Z Drill

Z Drill

A well-balanced, portable, hydraulic roofbolter for underground drilling and bolting operations. Manufactured by MPI Supply in the United States.

The Z Drill operates off both low and high pressure hydraulic systems.

Z Drill Spec Sheet

Thrust? Enough to get the job done...

Practical and Bench Tests results range from 5,000 - 9,000 pounds of thrust (subject to pump pressures and flow rates). With the right bit/steel combination, the rotary Z Drill will go though almost anything.

Z Drill's Steel Jacks

Given the harsh environment we work in, the chrome plated steel cylinder legs are machined and hardened and still take a beating. These jacks set establish the height of the Z Drill. Currently we have two models in production; The Long Z Drill (collapsed height: 50", extended height: 103"), and The Short Z Drill (collapsed height: 38", extended height: 67").

Interested in a demonstration for your application?

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