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King Cobra Roofbolters

King Cobra Top Mount

Designed specifically for use in underground coal mine and tunneling applications, the King Cobra Top Mount Roofbolter is lightweight and quick to set up, allowing it to be easily moved and operated where needed.

The RAMBOR Top Mount Roofbolter can be provided in a range of different motor/gearbox configurations and may be equipped for wet/dry drilling or dust collection to suit the application.

King Cobra Top Mount Spec Sheet

King Cobra Chain Drive

Larger seam King Cobra Chain Drive Units Have Been Discontinued...

BUT, They Are Still Repairable - Please contact us (412) 664-9320 to arrange repair of your King Cobra Chain Drive Roofbolter.

King Cobra Chain Drive Spec Sheet


Collapsed Heights from 23 inches to 59 inches fit seam heights between 3.25 feet to 14.75 feet.

Practical Testing

Wet drilling in high strength compressive rock.

Heads for All Applications

King Cobra Roofbolters can be fitting with any of the following heads:

  • Wet/Dry drill head - for use with auger steels. May drill with water or air flushing.
  • Dust Collection drill head - to be used in tandem with our Dust Collection System (pneumatic vacuum system) to collect drilling fines. Dust Collection Spec Sheet.

Interested in a demonstration for your application?

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